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Symposium Wrap-up


On May 8-10, the Crop Bioengineering Center at Iowa State University held a symposium and workshop titled Genome Editing – Putting Together the Pieces.

Highlights of the symposium were shared on Twitter with the hashtag #CropBioEng18. Follow us at @CropBioEng for future updates. We share selected highlights in four wrap-up posts.

Gene editing is a relatively new technology that is revolutionizing basic and applied genetics research. In 2018 Symposium Wrap-Up Part 1, we describe what gene editing is, and how it might be used to improve crops. In 2018 Symposium Wrap-Up Part 2, we get deep into the details of how gene editing is done.

Despite the potential of gene editing, there are social hurdles that must be addressed before gene editing can be widely used. Many symposium sessions addressed these issues. In 2018 Symposium Wrap-up Part 3, We consider intellectual property and biotech regulations. In 2018 Symposium Wrap-up Part 4, we discuss consumer acceptance of gene editing.

Thank you!

Kan Wang, Bing Yang, Jeff Wolt, and Dipali Sashital would like to thank the sponsors, organizers, speakers, and attendees for helping to make this a wonderful event. See you next year!