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Our Mission

Crop Bioengineering CenterThe ISU Crop Bioengineering Center (CBC) seeks to address the urgent, grand challenge to provide sufficient food, feed, biofuels and biorenewable chemicals for the world’s burgeoning population, through basic and applied research to enable the bioengineering of valuable traits in a variety of crops.

About Us

The Crop Bioengineering Center (CBC) strives to be a global leader in efficient precision crop breeding using innovative and transformative genome engineering technologies. The CBC is

(1) a scientific platform that inspires, promotes and supports interdisciplinary, collaborative interaction among natural scientists, social scientists, humanists and engineers in the innovative development and application of crop genome engineering technologies;

(2) a technology center that provides expertise and service in genome engineering to enable the crop research community in the areas of gene discovery, functional analysis and crop improvement;

(3) a knowledge and information hub that engages, communicates with and educates the public with regard to biotechnology advances, regulatory implications and policy development in the area of crop bioengineering.

CBC Platform