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CBC Membership Meets to Review Research and Center Direction

The CBC members and associates met in the Reiman Gardens on December 5-6 to review the state of the center, share research and discuss long-term program direction. The centerpiece of the two half-day meeting was progress reports from current and past seed grants funded through CBC. The CBC Seed Grant Initiative entails research and scholarship spanning public receptivity of genome editing technologies, exploring transformation and CRISPR reagent delivery technologies, and applications of genome editing for gene discovery and pathway elucidation. This year, three guest speakers, Sergei Svitashev (Corteva Agriscience), Cassie Edgar (McKee, Voorhees & Sease, PLC) and Jeff Essner (GDCB, ISU), shared their research and perspective of the CRISPR technology, its potential and implication for the society.